Olaf Lapin

Born 1952, learned his first guitar chords at the tender age of 11.






After playing cover versions of the Beatles and Rolling Stones for 6 years, he joined a jazz/rock formation, playing Volker Kriegel compositions. It was then that a combination of curiosity and necessity caused him to change to bass. Nevertheless, inspired by the folk guitarist Volker Lämmerhirt, he continued to develop his own finger picking guitar style in the folk, blues and ragtime fields. In the early `80`s the bass became more dominant, as he co-founded “Slightly Out Of Tune”, a jazz quintet dedicated to the Real Book standards of swing, ballads and latin, which required him to acquire a double bass for authenticity.


At the beginning of the `90`s he became the bass player in the then country blues duo Southern Cross with John Norrie and Martin Schön. After a number of line-up changes, the John Norrie Band emerged as a swing blues and boogie outfit, in which he returned to the electric bass guitar.