Helmut Zygmanowski

Born 1956, came to blues through artists like Fleetwood Mac and Savoy Brown. Later, he was influenced particularly by the Chicago blues of Muddy Waters, Little Walter and Jimmy Rogers.



A guitarist, at 17 he began to turn to the harmonica. He later performed as a duo with Esther Münch. In 1980, “Earny” Dussin was looking for musicians for a blues band, which emerged as the “Bad Luck Blues Band” with Helmut Zygmanowski on the harmonica. The band folded in 1983, after three very productive years.

From 2003 to 2005, parallel to the John Norrie Band, became a member of the “Jankers Skiffle Group".



In 2000, auditioned for the John Norrie Band, where their close agreement on musical views and aims soon became apparent. In the John Norrie Band, the harmonica style is a versatile mixture of diatonic harmonica in all keys and the chromatic harmonica, which is used in playing the horn arrangements common to T-Bone Walker material as well as the more usual blues harp elements of Jimmy Rogers and Jimmy Reed numbers.